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Convenient centralised control

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Advanced smartphone control for your air conditioner

Easily control and access all features of remote control anytime, anywhere.

The Panasonic Comfort Cloud Application enables you to conveniently manage and monitor multiple air conditioning units for homes from just one mobile device. Also, energy monitoring is possible allowing opportunity to learn how to reduce the operating cost even more.

Comfort Cloud App. Features Guide

Smart Control 

In control of cooling comfort anytime, anywhere.

  • Control multiple AC units in 1 location (up to 20 units per location and up to 10 different locations)
  • Control multiple units in multiple locations

Smart Comfort

Easily manage your comfort and air quality.

  • Remotely access all AC features
  • Activate 24-hour nanoe™ X*
  • Pre-heat or cool spaces

More about nanoe™ X

* nanoe™ X is available in certain series.

Smart Efficiency

More comfort with less wasted energy.

  • Analyze energy usage patterns
  • Compare usage history for better budget planning

* Estimated energy consumption data accuracy depends on power supply quantity.

Smart Assist

Be informed of breakdowns.

  • Assign other users while you are away
  • Effortless troubleshooting*

* Contact trained technicians to perform any repairing/service.

New possibilities, new applications

Families: Different users can be set up, such as each child can manage their own room. In second homes, rooms can be remotely pre-cooled or pre-warmed, or turned off if needed.

Multi tenant owner: The ability to manage up to 200 units with just one smartphone. It allows for quick and efficient maintenance through remote error codes and the knowledge of consumption.

Small and medium sized offices: Owner can control different rooms of the office easily and give unit by unit access to their staff. Also provides information to know where energy might be wasted for heating and cooling and promoting best comfort practices.

What do you need to connect to Panasonic Comfort Cloud?

Indoor Unit - Network

Built-in Wi-Fi in certain models or with optional adaptor CZ-TACG1 connected to port CN-CNT.

* Compatibility: check if your AC unit has built-in Wi-Fi adapter. In case your unit doesn’t have built-in Wi-Fi adapter, you need the accessory CZ-TACG1. Check the compatibility in your AC unit operation manual.

Other hardware requirements

Router - Internet - Smartphone

* Purchase and subscribe separately.

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Panasonic Comfort Cloud

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Comfort Cloud App. Setup Guide

Voice Control. Words do more than actions

Through the Comfort Cloud app, air conditioner can also be connected to some of the leading voice assistants on the market to further optimise air conditioning standard without having to lift a finger.

More about Voice Control

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